A Primer For Dental Extraction


Dental Extraction has played at myriad festivals for obscure films. Screenings have occurred in New York, Korea, Seattle, Berlin, Ann Arbor and many other venues.


  • November 2, 2004. Election night / Day of the Dead screening at Smart Bar, Chicago.
  • (Disribution) Dental has been included as part of the Movieside Film Festival DVD compilation. Movieside publicly screened Dental in 2004 at The Stray Show on May 7.


  • December 5 + 7, 2003 at Links Hall in Chicago along with other short films by Carl Wiedemann. View the complete program.
  • Microcinema continues to tour Dental Extraction. In 2003 they screened it at the Moov Festival in New York City (November 8), and with Cinema Vortex in Miami (January 26), among others. It also appears that Dental played in Chicago on August 10 in the Miniskirts film program as part of the Estrojam Music Festival. Dental screened on October 7 + 8, 2003 at the Michigan Independent Film Festival where it was a nominee for Best Short Film.
  • October 2003: Dental Extraction was included on the Cherry Bomb Short Film Free DVD, sponsored by Wicker Park businesses in Chicago.


  • Dental Extraction screened in June in the international short films competition at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival in Switzerland. This was a 16mm presentation.
  • Dental played in Los Angeles on April 13th, 2002 at the First Annual Mini-Shock Film Festival, hosted by Anxiety Films.
  • In 2002 played Dental Extraction in both Skopje, Macedonia and Madurai, India.


  • Dental Extraction appeared at TromaDance in Salt Lake City, Utah in January. On February 2nd and 3rd Dental screened on video in the 10th floor lobby of a 1930's Deco Office Building for the Winter edition of Chicago's Around the Coyote Arts Festival. In August Dental Extraction screened twice at the 2001 edition of the Chicago Underground Film Festival. (These were 16mm presentations.) Dental was shown on September 6th as part of the opening day melee of Chicago's Around the Coyote Arts Festival. (This was a special "live re-mix" version with dual projection, out-takes and a mutated sound-track.) Dental Extraction played in Baltimore at the "Gala Release Party" for Link Magazine's seventh issue: November 30, 2001. Independent Exposure, the internationally touring video showcase, screened Dental in several cities in late 2001 (Paris: November 16, Barcelona: November 17, Houston: December 1)


  • Dental Extraction played at the Media City Festival of Experimental Film in Windsor, Ontario in February 2000. In March it screened at both the New York Underground Film Festival and the Ann Arbor Film Festival on 16mm. In the Fall of 2000 Dental played at the Convergence Film Festival in Providence (where it received a Director's choice award) and at the Blue Sky International Film Festival (Las Vegas). Also in 2000: Dental screened at the Seattle Underground Film Festival (where it received an Honorable Mention in the Experimental category) , the Kudzu Film Festival (Athens, Georgia), the Seoul Net Fest (Korea), and at the Freaky Film Festival (Carbondale, IL) - all on 16mm. In December Dental screened on video in Berlin as part of the Twilight Trash Fest.

A Primer For Dental Extraction
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1999 MicroCineFest Award
“Way Cool Experimental” Category A Primer for Dental Extraction
A Primer for Dental Extraction

Production Credits

Scenario, photography, direction and edit ... Carl Wiedemann
Sound Design ... Wiedemann
Dominique Gallo ... Anonymous antagonist

Technical Data

Filming Location ... Chicago, Illinois
Camera ... Arriflex SB
Shooting format ... 16 mm reversal film
Printed film format ... 16 mm
Aspect ratio ... 1.33 : 1
Runtime: 4 minutes and 30 seconds
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Thanks To:

John Terendy + Image Control Media 100
Brock Craft: Sound Stage donation
Clare Martin: dental props
Chicago Filmmakers: Steenbeck access
Film Craft Lab: 16mm prints