Steadicam Operation

View 2016 Steadicam Demo via YouTube
2016 Steadicam Reel
Time:: 3:40

Vimeo video   you tube video

View Steadicam Demo via Vimeo
Conference Opener - Two shots
Time:: 2:20
Vimeo video

View Drama music video via YouTube Long take Music Video - Drama
Time:: 4:00
you tube video

View Dream House Commercial via YouTube
Commercial - Dream House
Time:: 00:30
you tube video

View Centene Commercial on YouTube
Commercial - Centene
Time:: 1:00

View Hospital Commercial via YouTube
Commercial - Hospital
Time:: 1:00
you tube video

View Lil Durk music video via YouTube
Music Video - Lil Durk
Time:: 4:10
you tube video

View short film Diversion via Vimeo
Short Film - Diversion
Time:: 13:30
Vimeo video

View RH promo via YouTube
Restoration Hardware
Time: 5:40
you tube video

Dance Video

View Dance Sampler Videography 2006 to 2010
Dance Videography Sampler:
2006 to 2010
Time:: 7:10
vimeo video   you tube video

View Dance Film Reel 2009
Dance Film Reel: 2009
Time:: 6:40
vimeo video   you tube video

View Dance Videography datastarve via Vimeo
Dance Videography:
datastarve (2004)
Time:: 6:10
vimeo video   you tube video

View Dance Film: Canon 7D withSteadicam Pilot
Dance Film: Canon 7D on a Steadicam Pilot
June 26, 2011
Time:: 3:40
vimeo video   you tube video

View dance film Willful Acts on YouTube
Dance Film: Willful Acts
Time:: 12:10
vimeo video   you tube video

View Infiltration Dance Film
Canon 7D on Steadicam Pilot
April 2010
Time:: 7:10
vimeo video   you tube video


Cinematography Samples

View Cinematography Demo via Vimeo Cinematography Demo 2007
Time:: 4:00
vimeo video   CinematographyDemo 2007

View Cinematography Demo via Vimeo Cinematography Sample
Dance Film 2013
Time:: 12:10
vimeo video   you tube video

View Primer for Dental Extraction Video via YouTube A Primer for Dental Extraction
16mm short film
Time:: 4:50
you tube video

View dance film Wasteland via You Tube
Dances Made to Order
Time:: 6:20
Vimeo video   you tube video

View When I'm With You (2010) via Vimeo
When I'm With You (2010)
Time:: 3:00
Vimeo video   you tube video

View Playland trailer via Vimeo
Playland Trailer (2009)
Time:: 1:00
vimeo video

Videography: b-roll and interviews

View Montel Williams b-rolls footage via Vimeo Montel Williams:
b-roll/interviews 2007
Time:: 2:40
vimeo video   Montel Williams:b-rollinterviews 2007

View Shedd Aquarium Videography via Vimeo
Shedd Aquarium Videography 2006
Time:: 1:30
vimeo video   Shedd Aquarium Videography 2006

View Videography Demo 2006 via Vimeo
Demo 2006
vimeo video   Videography Demo 2006

View Demolition Promo via Vimeo
Demolition Promo
Videography 2005
Time:: 3:06
vimeo video   Videography Demo 2006

View Quicktime 3 Point Lighting Interview Three-point Lighting for interviews 2007
Time:: 1:30


Notes on the Demo Samples
  • The 2016 Steadicam demo features clips from corporate projects, commercials, broadcast tv and music videos, as well as a feature film, a short and a live event. Material on this reel was recorded with the Red MX, Epic and Dragon, the Sony F5, FS7 and EX3, the Panasonic HVX200, and the Canon 7D and 5D. These excerpts were shot between 2009 and 2015.
  • The Dance Film Reel features excerpts from Dance Films, Steadicam performance documentation and "remote" performances. Most clips from 2007 to 2009.
  • The bulk of the Cinematography reel contains extracts from my own 16mm film work and video work created with BONEdanse|Breakbone DanceCo..
  • A Primer for Dental Extraction is a Noir style Experimental short shot on 16mm film in 1999.
  • The Montel Williams clips were shot in May 2007. I worked from a shot list, however there was no on-site producer. I was responsible for selecting locations and determining camera placement and lighting.
  • The Shedd Aquarium video is short Personality Piece from April 2006. I was the DP and camera operator, shooting with a DVX100.
  • The National Demolition Association promo was shot in 2005. I was the primary Videographer and camera operator. Fig Media produced.
  • The Videography Demo is skewed toward corporate samples featuring field interviews and b-roll footage. There are also some more dramatic clips from performance films, dance and and live music presentations.

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