Carl Wiedemann: Filmmaker : 1919


(1986) 16mm film.
Gary Thomas meticulously portrays The Man. Is he stealing souls or incinerating documents? Anonymous un-shod feet repeatedly protrude into the frame.
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Film Stills from 1919
Carl Wiedemann's film Lucid Wrench (1919 is part 1 of Lucid Wrench) won 1st Place in the Experimental Catgegory in the United States Student Film Festival 1988.

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1st Place, Experimental, 1988
United States Student Film Festival

1919 (part 1 of Lucid Wrench)


Production Credits

Scenario, photography, direction and edit ... Carl Wiedemann
Sound Design ... Wiedemann

Gary Thomas ... The Man
TJ Smalley
David Flass

Technical Data

Filming Location ... Webster, NY
Camera ... Bolex Rex 4, Kodak K-100
Shooting format ... 16mm film
Printed film format ... 16mm film
Runtime: 4 minutes

Thanks To:

Ithaca College
Joel Schlemowitz