1983 - 2003

Carl Wiedemann: Cinematography / Art Direction / Camera Op'

Fundamentals of the Stoma

Fundamentals of the Stoma view more   you tube video

(2003) 16mm on video, 20 minutes.
Four characters inhabit a film noir landscape of decaying buildings and surreal speech patterns. Motivations are oblique, postures are severe, and chain-smoking is mandatory.

Viscera + Vitriol

Viscera + Vitriol you tube video

(2003) stock footage on digital video, 5:30
James Stewart is dissected to perverse ends.

A Primer for Dental Extraction

A Primer for Dental Extraction view more   you tube video

(2000) 16mm, 5 minutes (video cut - 1999, 16mm print release 2000)
The protagonist aggressively cleans her teeth and chain-smokes. Pursued by the camera, she assaults it repeatedly.

Panic Management

Panic Management you tube video

(1995) Hi-8 video, 2 minutes

Effigies of William Frawley

Effigies of William Frawley view more   you tube video

(1990-1994) 16mm, 8mm + VHS on DV, 4:30
A rap tribute to Bub + Camus. View lyrics here

Irritant #5

Irritant #5 you tube video

(1992) VHS video, 1 minute

To Henry Ford My Soul Will Creep

To Henry Ford My Soul Will Creep you tube video

(1991) Wanton destruction on 16mm, 3 minutes

Track and Derange

Track and Derange view more   you tube video

(1990, radically re-cut in 2004) 16mm, 3 minutes
One in a series of Rust Belt Music Videos. Photographed in the ruins of Buffalo and Chicago.

Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell view more   you tube video

(1989) Stock footage hacked up on U-matic video
Stolen footage combines with home-made Industrial Disco for inflated masculine posturing. Derails at the half-way point and becomes a tribute to British philosopher Bertrand Russell.


Convulsive view more   you tube video

(1988) 16mm on video, 5 minutes
"Wiedemann writches through a series of industrial landscapes like a convulsing electrical cord." (VIPFILM 8 program, 1990 Berlin, Germany)

Spray Paint

Spray Paint view more   you tube video

(1987) 16mm, 3 minutes
Highly abused 16mm film. Original footage shot at a vacated, cement processing facility. Soundtrack: several tape-loops of breaking glass recorded in the same abandoned, concrete shells.

Spray Paint

Hypodermic Torso view more   you tube video



Poke you tube video

(1986) 16mm on video, 1 minute
A tragic encounter on a desolate railway.


1919 view more   you tube video

(1986) 16mm film.
Gary Thomas meticulously portrays The Man. Is he stealing souls or incinerating documents? Anonymous un-shod feet repeatedly protrude into the frame.


Illiteracy view more   you tube video

(1986, re-mastered as "Upstate, New York: A Regressive Biography" in 2003) 16mm, 9 minutes.
The dark introspection that characterizes childhood.
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Ceiling Panels

Ceiling Panels you tube video

(1985) 16mm, 5 minutes
A bout of surrealism.



(1983) super-8, 18 minutes

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1999 MicroCineFest Award
“Way Cool Experimental” Category A Primer for Dental Extraction
A Primer for Dental Extraction


  • " If F.W. Murnau could have lived long enough to direct a Tool video, it might have looked something like this wildly neurotic short from director Carl Wiedemann. The camera, utilizing multiple angles, lenses and frame-rates, pursues the protagonist through a series of gritty, industrial landscapes, intercut with other nightmarish images. The sound design is as dynamic as the visuals." - The Flagpole Magazine Online, October, 18 2000.
  • "Weird.. experiment shot in Chicago.. among the industrial ruins. Solo actress Dominique Gallo is oddly charismatic in that Sandra Bernhard-meets-Tetsuo sort of way." - The Champaign-Urbana Octopus, October 27, 2000.
  • "A Primer for Dental Extraction, recently awarded top honors at the Seattle Underground Film Fest, is the standout of the program--a meaningless, post-industrial meander replete with a mad woman with big teeth." - from The Stranger.com's preview of Independent Exposure's Halloweird show, October 26, 2000.
  • "a visually striking (reminiscent of Fritz Lang) rumination on dentistry as a metaphor for psychological pain." - L.A. Weekly, December 1999.
  • "Filmmaker Carl Wiedemann's stark imagery, deft camera work and haunting cinematography recall David Lynch's groundbreaking Eraserhead." - Film Threat On-line, February 5, 2001.