Fundamentals of the Stoma

'Stoma is a twenty minute narrative film conceived and photographed by Carl Wiedemann. It presents an array of characters who simultaneously speak with great confidence and limited coherence. The recording medium was 16mm, black and white, motion-picture film. Filming began in August of 1998 and continued on an erratic basis until November 2002.


Four characters inhabit a film noir landscape of decaying buildings and surreal speech patterns. Motivations are oblique, postures are severe, and chain-smoking is mandatory. The Occupant investigates a Stoma. Executioner Bremer torments a Paralytic. Commander Horst plots our collective doom.

performers Dominique Gallo, Robynne Gravenhorst, B. Braun, & Jaimie-Lee Wise. photos by Carl Wiedemann


  • November 6, 2004. Heaven Gallery, Chicago. Apple Cider Video Screening.
  • September 12, 2004. Landmark Arts Gallery, 841 W. Randolph St., Chicago.
  • August 7, 2004. Bearded Child Film Festival, Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Meg Hafdahl of the Reader Weekly in Duluth was strongly moved: "The word hate doesn't even begin to describe my feelings for this stinking, self-important pile of crap."
  • Stoma screened on December 5 + 7, 2003 at Links Hall in Chicago along with other short films by Carl Wiedemann. View the complete program.
  • October 7 and 8, 2003. The Michigan Independent Film Festival.
  • Stoma had its second public screening at The Around the Coyote Arts Festival on Friday, September 5th, 2003. The curator wrote: "Wiedemann has got the look down. Black and white rules! Desolate post-apocalyptic urban cityscapes frame these hyper-smart underground types. "
  • 'Stoma premiered at the Chicago Underground Film Festival on Thursday, August 28th, 2003.

Excerpt from the Screenplay

    Horst: "What's the report from The Stoma?"
    Bremer: "Intermittent activity in the Central Southern Tier."
    Horst: "What do you recommend?"
    Bremer: "Scorched Earth Diplomacy.
    Horst: "When the toe is irritated, you would excise the leg? This wouldn't be the first time you've tossed a damp infant."
    Bremer: "Infantile Paralysis will be our salvation."

Fundamentals of the Stoma
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In 2002 Mr. Wiedemann received a Finalist Award, in the Media Arts category, from the Illinois Arts Council. He also received a post-production Grant from the Chicago Underground Film Fund. These resources were applied toward the completion of Fundamentals of the Stoma.

Production Credits


Carl Wiedemann was responsible for most technical and aesthetic aspects of the films assembly. (including the cinematography, sound design, editing, steadicam operation, dialogue, scenario, production design, and music/sound design). All obscure psychological sub-texts scan be traced back to the dark recesses of his primal cranial convolutions.


Dominique Gallo ... Anonymous antagonist
Herr Braun ... Executioner Bremer
Robynne Gravenhorst ... Commander Horst
Jaimie-Lee Wise ... The Paralytic

Dialogue scenes Crew:

Camera + audio assist - John Terendy
Location dialogue recording - Jason Geistweidt
Assistant director (elevator scene) - Clare Martin

Thanks To:

Brad Braun: cycle, props, wardrobe, and torture room locale.
Brock Craft: Sound stage donation, farmhouse transport, foley assistance, and production stills.
John Terendy + Image Control: Sync sound apparatus and production stills.
Jon Vapensky + Swell: film to video transfer
BPS Film Lab: 16mm film processing

Technical Data:

Filming Locations: Chicago, Villa Park, Fairmount, IL and Buffalo, NY
Camera ... Arriflex SB & Arriflex SR1
Shooting format ... 16 mm reversal film.
Edited as digital video.
Aspect ratio ... 1.33 : 1
Runtime: 20 minutes