Dance Photography Galleries

Course of Empire
Year: 2010
Location:: Chicago

Fashion shoot
Year:: 2011
Location:: Chicago

Year:: 2013
Location:: Chicago

Dance Remotes
Year:: 2010
Location:: Chicago & New York

Damage Manual
Year:: 2012
Location:: Chicago

bully.punk.riot. Promo
Year:: 2013
Location:: Chicago

DE-Evolution of Mudwoman
Year: 2008
Location: Chicago
Images: 53

dance film on location
Year:: 2007
Location:: Indiana
Images:: 8

Visions of Light
Year:: 2007
Location:: Chicago & Toronto
Images:: 20

Logotype v2.1
Year:: 2006
Images:: 25

Urban Debris
Year:: ranges
Location:: Illinois & Indiana
Images:: 14

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