A Primer For Dental Extraction

Carl Wiedemann : A Primer For Dental ExtractionDental Extraction is a short, black and white, 16mm film completed in 2000. The film presents valuable information on dental maintenance for the obsessive.


The protagonist aggressively cleans her teeth and chain-smokes. Pursued by the camera, she assaults it repeatedly. The soundtrack includes abrasive noise, melodic harp and a laugh-track.

Carl Wiedemann : A Primer For Dental Extraction
performer Dominique Gallo photos by Carl Wiedemann


  • " If F.W. Murnau could have lived long enough to direct a Tool video, it might have looked something like this wildly neurotic short from director Carl Wiedemann. The camera, utilizing multiple angles, lenses and frame-rates, pursues the protagonist through a series of gritty, industrial landscapes, intercut with other nightmarish images. The sound design is as dynamic as the visuals." - The Flagpole Magazine Online, October, 18 2000.
  • "Weird.. experiment shot in Chicago.. among the industrial ruins. Solo actress Dominique Gallo is oddly charismatic in that Sandra Bernhard-meets-Tetsuo sort of way." - The Champaign-Urbana Octopus, October 27, 2000.
  • "A Primer for Dental Extraction, recently awarded top honors at the Seattle Underground Film Fest, is the standout of the program--a meaningless, post-industrial meander replete with a mad woman with big teeth." - from The Stranger.com's preview of Independent Exposure's Halloweird show, October 26, 2000.
  • "a visually striking (reminiscent of Fritz Lang) rumination on dentistry as a metaphor for psychological pain." - L.A. Weekly, December 1999.
  • "Filmmaker Carl Wiedemann's stark imagery, deft camera work and haunting cinematography recall David Lynch's groundbreaking Eraserhead." - Film Threat On-line, February 5, 2001.

A Primer For Dental Extraction
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1999 MicroCineFest Award
“Way Cool Experimental” Category A Primer for Dental Extraction
A Primer for Dental Extraction

Production Credits

Scenario, photography, direction and edit ... Carl Wiedemann
Sound Design ... Wiedemann
Dominique Gallo ... Anonymous antagonist

Technical Data

Filming Location ... Chicago, Illinois
Camera ... Arriflex SB, 16mm Bolex
Shooting format ... 16 mm reversal film
Printed film format ... 16 mm
Aspect ratio ... 1.33 : 1
Runtime: 4 minutes and 30 seconds
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Thanks To:

John Terendy + Image Control: Media 100
Editing Facilities
Brock Craft: Sound Stage donation
Clare Martin: dental props
Chicago Filmmakers: Steenbeck access
Film Craft Lab: 16mm prints