A Primer For Dental Extraction

Carl Wiedemann loads the Arriflex S. to use in lo mode with EFP Steadicam.
Carl Wiedemann loads the Arriflex S. to use in lo mode with EFP Steadicam.

Technical data for Film Geeks

  • The film was photographed with an Arri S/B and a non-reflex Bolex. Action was shot at 24 and 12fps. The Bolex was used primarily for "special effects" shooting: hand-cranked cinematography, single-frame time exposures, double exposures, and "turret-rotation shooting". A Steadicam was flown to execute the numerous tracking shots. A variety of prime lenses were used for shooting. These were augmented with wide angle adapters to achieve the 5 and 7mm perspectives. A 25mm was used for the more extreme, rack focus shots.
  • Dental Extraction was shot with Plus-X and Tri-X black and white reversal film. The film to video transfer was done on a Spirit Data Cine. The Video cut was executed on a Media 100. The film cut was done on rewinds. The film was matched to the video "by eye" (reversal stock had no scan-able edge code in the dark ages of 1999) with some guidance from the video Edit Decision List. The 16mm workprint was synced to the mag audio track on a Steenbeck flatbed editor.
  • The sound elements were recorded, mutated and mangled on an E-Max II sampling Keyboard augmented with various external processing gear (for reverb, distortion, tremolo, EQ). The final audio sequence and mix was done on the Media 100.
  • The "lighting kit" for the interior shots was composed of generic, tungsten work-lights. Black-wrap and tough-spun were used to shape the spray of illumination.

A Primer For Dental Extraction
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1999 MicroCineFest Award
“Way Cool Experimental” Category A Primer for Dental Extraction
A Primer for Dental Extraction

Production Credits

Scenario, photography, direction and edit ... Carl Wiedemann
Sound Design ... Wiedemann
Dominique Gallo ... Anonymous antagonist

Technical Data

Filming Location ... Chicago, Illinois
Camera ... Arriflex SB
Shooting format ... 16 mm reversal film
Printed film format ... 16 mm
Aspect ratio ... 1.33 : 1
Runtime: 4 minutes and 30 seconds
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Thanks To:

John Terendy + Image Control Media 100
Brock Craft: Sound Stage donation
Clare Martin: dental props
Chicago Filmmakers: Steenbeck access
Film Craft Lab: 16mm prints