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Carl Wiedemann : Dance Videography. Photo of Suzanne Dado for BONEdanse|Breakbone DanceCo.


Since 2002 Ive documented dance and site specific performances in Chicago. I particularly enjoy the challenge of working in unconventional venues and remote locations. Im also well-versed in recording in standard, proscenium theaters. I've worked on Dance Films and shot video pieces for use during live performances. I also specialize in Steadicam videography for dance and other movers.


For Dance Companies I offer a discounted rate for productions that will be presented on multiple days (minimum of 3). I will work at this reduced rate providing I have the flexibility to choose which show to document. This rate includes up to 80 minutes of recording time. In most cases I will preview a dress rehearsal before recording a performance, however this is contingent upon my availability.


Currently I document live events with a Panasonic HMC150 camera which records high definition video to SD cards. Post-performance I can transfer the raw video files to your laptop computer or a USB thumb drive. For clean sound mixes I route audio directly from a mixing board to the camera whenever possible. I also use wireless mics or remote audio recorders to improve the sound quality of live music or vocals.


In Chicago I frequently shoot events at Links Hall Studio, Hamlin Park Theater and Ruth Page Center for the Arts as well as occasional shows at The Athenaeum and The MCA.

Dance Documentation - Single Show Recording Rates
  • Standard Rate (up to 4 hours on location).
    The $300 rate applies when locking in a specific shooting date. Includes up to 80 minutes of recording time.


  • Discount Rate
    The $250 rate applies for shows occurring on 3 or more nights for which I have the option of choosing which show to document.


  • Additional Recording
    For shows with performance times exceeding 80 minutes in length theres an additional $50 charge, covering up to a total of 2 hours of performance time.


  • Post Production
    Pricing options for basic editing and DVD authoring.
Post Production
  • Shipping of Files
    Most clients choose to swing by my studio to transfer files or to transfer them directly to their computer after a performance. If youd like me to provide a USB thumb drive and ship the files, there is an additional charge.


  • Shipping of Hard Drives
    If youd like to provide me with a hard drive for your files, I can have that available for pick up or ship it to you. Shipping via Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation is $10.


  • Performance Films
    I also shoot material for choreographer and performer demo reels and make customized performance documents which can be recorded in remote locations and shot Film Style (shooting multiple takes from a variety of angles). Inquire for details if you are interested in making a Performance Film or shooting a demo/promo reel.
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Carl with BONEdanse|Breakbone DanceCo (left: Mindy Meyers & right: Atalee Judy) on location for the
Carl with BONEdanse|Breakbone DanceCo (left: Mindy Meyers & right: Atalee Judy) on location for the "Mudwoman" video shoot. Photo by Suzanne Dado.
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Dance Documentation and Performance Film Credits Include:

Aerial Dance Chicago
Art Union Humanscape
Olive Bieringa
Peter Carpenter
Chicago Moving Company
Asimina Chremos
Cindy Brandle Dance Company
Colleen Halloran Films
Kate Corby
The Dance COLEctive
Dances Made to Order: Wasteland
Dropshift Dance
Elements Contemporary Ballet
Evanston Dance Ensemble
Instruments of Movement
Khecari Dance Theatre
Molly Shanahan / Mad Shak
Momentum Sensorium
The Nettelhorst School
Nadia Oussenko
Dmitri Peskov
RTG Dance
Same Planet Different World
Nana Shineflug
Lin Shook
The Space/Movement Project
Synapse Arts Collective
University of Chicago
Willful Acts

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