Viscera + Vitriol

A Screening of film noir shorts by Carl Wiedemann

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Selected Critiques

  • Fundamentals of the Stoma (2003)
    "Wiedemann has got the look down. Black and white rules! Desolate post-apocalyptic urban cityscapes frame these hyper-smart underground types. Stoma means opening."
  • A Primer For Dental Extraction (2000)
    "a post-industrial meander replete with a mad woman with big teeth."
    "Solo actress Dominique Gallo is oddly charismatic in that Sandra Bernhard-meets-Tetsuo sort of way."
  • Convulsive
    "Wiedemann writches through a series of industrial landscapes like a convulsing electrical cord." (VIPFILM 8 program, 1990 Berlin, Germany)

Screening Dates

  • 13 short films by Carl Wiedemann
    December 5 + 7, 2003
    Links Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield,
    Chicago - 8:00 pm

Viscera + Vitriol
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A special screening of Fundamentals of the Stoma and other film noir shorts featuring "stark imagery, bleak scenarios, and haunting cinematography." Also featuring a live performance to one of Mr. Wiedemann's films.

Detailed Program Info

  • Irritant #5
    Time: 1:30
  • Bertrand Russell
    Time: 2:30
    Lord Russell discusses the impact of new technologies.
  • Fundamentals of the Stoma (2003)
    Time: 20 minutes
    16mm film on video. Four characters inhabit a Film Noir landscape of decaying buildings and surreal speech patterns. Postures are severe and motivations are oblique. The Occupant investigates a Stoma. Executioner Bremer torments a Paralytic. Commander Horst plots our collective doom.
  • Effigies of William Frawley
    Time: 4:30
    A rap tribute to Bub + Camus. Shot on 16mm, super-8, and VHS.
  • A Primer For Dental Extraction (2000)
    Time: 5 minutes
    16mm film. The protagonist aggressively cleans her teeth and chain-smokes. Pursued by the camera, she assaults it repeatedly.
  • Spray Paint
    Time: 2:30
    Defaced 16mm film + breaking glass. - 16mm film
  • Ceiling Panels
    Time: 5 minutes
    A bout of surrealism from 1986. - 16mm film
  • To Henry Ford My Soul Will Creep
    Time: 3 minutes
    Wanton destruction on 16mm.
  • Poke
    Time: 1:40
    A tragic encounter on a desolate railway.
  • Viscera + Vitriol (2003)
    Time: 5:30
    James Stewart is dissected to perverse ends.
  • Upstate New York: A regressive biography
    (originally titled "Illiteracy")
    Time: 5:40
    The dark introspection that characterizes childhood.
  • Convulsive
    Time: 4:40
    "Wiedemann writches through a series of industrial landscapes like a convulsing electrical cord." See more >
  • Train Song (1988)
    Time: 2:40
    A nave farm boy's view of Chicago.
  • Logotype 01
    Time: 12:00
    A live performance by Suzanne Dado and Atalee Judy of to Carl Wiedemann's videography as their backdrop.